Agent Dossier

Name Marks Last Updated
Agent Dossier: Aleksey Volkov 25,555 2021-12-01T19:28:58.1279780Z
Agent Dossier: Brann Mac Diarmada 499 2021-12-01T19:29:13.2203950Z
Agent Dossier: Christina Del Rio 48,500 2021-12-01T19:28:39.4321480Z
Agent Dossier: Cveta Stojanovic 128,000 2021-12-01T19:28:38.0934570Z
Agent Dossier: Daniel Martinez 19,999 2021-12-01T19:29:07.5498570Z
Agent Dossier: Finn Mulligan 1,500 2021-12-01T19:29:10.3943920Z
Agent Dossier: Francis Rowan 900 2021-12-01T19:29:11.8202780Z
Agent Dossier: Lama Lhakpa 23,555 2021-12-01T19:29:02.1656700Z
Agent Dossier: Lee Chung 16,000 2021-12-01T19:29:08.9713170Z
Agent Dossier: Maxwell Chandler 25,000 2021-12-01T19:28:59.4684730Z
Agent Dossier: Mihas Blaga 135,555 2021-12-01T19:28:36.7691810Z
Agent Dossier: Nuala Magorian 250 2021-11-28T10:35:49.3443030Z
Agent Dossier: Petru 190,000 2021-12-01T19:28:35.4001710Z
Agent Dossier: Pierre Delacroix 22,222 2021-12-01T19:29:04.8216310Z
Agent Dossier: Terry Laputo 23,456 2021-12-01T19:29:03.5057850Z
Agent Dossier: Tiana Cardoza 22,000 2021-12-01T19:29:06.2055550Z
Agent Dossier: Warlawurru 35,000 2021-12-01T19:28:56.7806280Z
Agent Dossier: Wu Liang-Zhi 25,000 2021-12-01T19:29:00.7998460Z

Agent Eqipment

Name Marks Last Updated
Military-grade Breaching Robot 150,000 2021-12-01T19:28:40.8151250Z
Crystal Ball 5,400 2021-11-28T20:19:33.1794540Z
Military-grade Breaching Robot 5,000 2021-12-01T19:28:44.8022530Z
Occult Lexicon 5,500 2021-11-28T20:19:31.9684730Z
Specialised Weaponry 5,500 2021-12-01T19:28:43.4828280Z
Tactical Survey Drone 4,400 2021-12-01T19:28:46.1289310Z
Utility Belt 5,999 2021-12-01T19:28:42.1485190Z
Military-grade Breaching Robot 300 2021-12-01T19:28:48.8061570Z
Occult Lexicon 60 2021-12-01T19:28:52.7841370Z
Specialised Weaponry 245 2021-12-01T19:28:50.1238680Z
Tactical Survey Drone 1,000 2021-12-01T19:28:47.4746310Z
Utility Belt 100 2021-12-01T19:28:51.4506660Z
Occult Lexicon 23 2021-12-01T19:28:55.4387880Z
Specialised Weaponry 50 2021-12-01T19:28:54.1132770Z

Assault Rifle

Name Marks Last Updated
Auxiliary Loader of Efficiency Mk III 14,999 2021-11-28T00:40:53.1926140Z
High-Yield Launcher of Alacrity Mk II 10,000 2021-11-28T19:07:58.2001360Z
High-Yield Launcher of Destruction Mk II 225,000 2021-12-01T19:08:47.9394230Z
High-Yield Launcher of Efficiency Mk II 15,000 2021-12-01T19:09:00.9412900Z
High-Yield Launcher of Energy Mk II 99,999 2021-11-28T19:07:22.1044920Z
High-Yield Launcher of Havoc Mk II 100,000 2021-12-01T19:08:49.3736220Z
Infernal Loader of Destruction Mk II 49,999 2021-12-01T19:08:52.2952960Z
KSR-43 of Alacrity Mk II 29,999 2021-12-01T19:08:55.0953090Z
MIRV Launcher of Restoration Mk II 30,000 2021-12-01T19:08:53.7060010Z
Whispered Desires of Destruction Mk II 15,000 2021-12-01T19:08:59.4968610Z
Whispered Desires of Destruction Mk III 39,999 2021-11-29T12:33:49.8252550Z
Whispered Desires of Efficiency Mk III 68,000 2021-12-01T19:08:50.8627740Z
Whispered Desires of Energy Mk II 13,999 2021-12-01T19:09:02.4162780Z
Whispered Desires of Havoc Mk II 18,000 2021-12-01T19:08:58.0156870Z
Whispered Desires of Havoc Mk III 39,950 2021-11-29T12:33:51.1205050Z
Whispered Desires of Recovery Mk II 24,998 2021-12-01T19:08:56.5783740Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Mantric Blade of Recovery Mk III 35,000 2021-11-27T20:30:51.7853210Z
Mantric Blade of Warding Mk III 49,999 2021-11-29T12:33:48.5338920Z
Shattered Hellblade of Energy Mk III 55,000 2021-11-27T20:30:42.3706680Z

Blood Magic Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Anima-Touched Blood Magic Focus of Destruction Mk III 179,999 2021-11-30T23:38:23.2288350Z
Anima-Touched Blood Magic Focus of Efficiency Mk III 250,000 2021-12-02T03:50:51.1809590Z
Third Age Tome of Efficiency Mk III 75,000 2021-11-29T16:40:19.8063740Z
Third Age Tome of Recovery Mk III 100,000 2021-12-02T03:50:54.0419570Z
Tome of the Void of Energy Mk III 150,000 2021-12-02T03:50:52.6159690Z
Chronicle of Purity of Destruction Mk III 13,999 2021-11-28T20:04:21.3719440Z
Grimoire of Foul Gods of Efficiency Mk I 10,000 2021-11-27T22:20:16.0144460Z
Lilith's Lab Notes of Warding Mk III 12,000 2021-11-29T12:33:58.9015660Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Synergizing Fist Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 8,000 2021-11-30T01:12:58.0726930Z
Energizing Signet Empowerment Catalyst 8,000 2021-12-01T23:46:16.4829210Z
Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst 9,500 2021-11-30T18:01:39.5782820Z
Synergizing Elemental Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 4,444 2021-11-27T18:00:54.4245710Z
Synergizing Fist Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 987 2021-11-30T01:12:59.2141180Z
Synergizing Chaos Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 250 2021-11-29T23:47:54.3241100Z
Synergizing Fist Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 299 2021-11-30T01:13:00.3726970Z

Chaos Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Focus of the Unwritten Talisman of Havoc Mk III 300,000 2021-11-29T16:40:17.3360080Z
Third Age Chancer of Alacrity Mk III 175,000 2021-11-28T00:27:08.2636740Z
Dark Mysteries of Alacrity Mk II 22,222 2021-11-27T22:20:02.4183810Z
Dark Mysteries of Efficiency Mk II 20,000 2021-11-27T22:20:03.6892390Z
Dark Mysteries of Restoration Mk II 10,000 2021-11-27T22:20:17.3580820Z
Dark Mysteries of Restoration Mk III 35,000 2021-11-29T12:33:52.4614970Z
Dark Mysteries of Warding Mk II 15,500 2021-11-27T22:20:04.9790140Z
Sanity's Aphelion of Alacrity Mk II 10,000 2021-11-27T22:20:21.5473550Z
Sanity's Aphelion of Restoration Mk III 15,000 2021-11-28T00:27:16.1812830Z
Warped Visage of Havoc Mk II 35,000 2021-11-27T22:19:53.6471170Z
Warped Visage of Restoration Mk II 12,500 2021-11-27T22:20:12.1302310Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Agarthan Bounty Hunter boots, white 5,000 2021-11-29T02:13:44.0966280Z
Agarthan Bounty Hunter jacket, white 5,000 2021-11-29T02:13:45.4854690Z
Agarthan Bounty Hunter pants, white 2,000 2021-11-29T02:13:46.7754850Z
Agarthan Bounty Hunter shirt, white 2,000 2021-11-29T02:13:48.0649760Z
Araneae's Recluse - Outfit 18,995 2021-11-29T02:13:41.4694890Z
Arctic Explorer - Outfit 100,000 2021-11-29T02:12:08.1495460Z
Oni Soldier Skin - Outfit 9,000 2021-11-29T02:13:42.7581510Z
Araneae's Recluse - Arachnid mask, brown 2,000 2021-11-29T02:13:23.1987370Z
Araneae's Recluse - Collared shirt with vest, white and red / Silk-stitched blouse, red and brown 2,250 2021-11-29T02:13:21.9040600Z
Araneae's Recluse - Stitched leather jacket, brown and red 1,800 2021-11-29T02:13:25.7642510Z
Arctic Explorer - Fur-trimmed thermal shirt, blue 5,555 2021-11-29T02:12:24.9268680Z
Arctic Explorer - Fur-trimmed waterproof boots, blue 20,000 2021-11-29T02:12:18.5292530Z
Fiery eyes, white 1,111 2021-11-29T02:13:27.0703500Z
Inferno's Regalia - Armoured jacket, black and orange 9,500 2021-11-29T02:12:22.3496540Z
Inferno's Regalia - Two tone leather pants, black and red 10,000 2021-11-29T02:12:21.0554410Z
Magnifying spectacles, gold 550 2021-11-29T02:13:31.0392980Z
Modern Prometheus neck bolts 1,000 2021-11-29T02:13:29.7013290Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Armoured body suit, black 2,500 2021-11-29T02:13:20.5914420Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Plated leather pants, black 3,000 2021-11-29T02:13:19.2880470Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Plated metal shoes, black 3,000 2021-11-29T02:13:18.0118650Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Ribbed gloves, black 3,000 2021-11-29T02:12:26.1905650Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Tusked tribal mask, black 1,000 2021-11-29T02:13:28.3602940Z
Oni Soldier Bone helmet 444 2021-11-29T02:13:32.3268280Z
Oni Soldier Skin boots 400 2021-11-29T02:13:33.6047700Z
Oni Soldier Skin gloves 400 2021-11-29T02:13:37.5550070Z
Oni Soldier Skin pants 400 2021-11-29T02:13:34.9518260Z
Oni Soldier Skin vest 400 2021-11-29T23:46:23.1193030Z
Space suit, Illuminati filthy 42,500 2021-11-29T02:12:15.9322560Z
Space suit, Templar filthy 40,000 2021-11-29T02:12:17.2362880Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Shipping container key A 6,666 2021-12-02T00:25:07.2693180Z
Shipping container key B 3,750 2021-11-28T00:59:55.0389440Z
Haunted Cache 50 2021-11-26T15:47:35.4388420Z

Elementalism Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Channeler of Restoration Mk III 50,000 2021-11-29T00:27:06.5508280Z
Sanity Siphon of Warding Mk III 100,000 2021-11-29T12:33:45.9358420Z
Unstable Electron Core of Efficiency Mk III 15,000 2021-11-29T12:33:55.0232660Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Essence of Bunica Padurii 100 2021-11-29T12:56:04.6844990Z
Essence of The Abyssopelagic Horror 100 2021-11-29T12:56:03.3604380Z
Essence of the Hitodama Confluence 10 2021-11-30T01:48:34.8260620Z
Essence of Aspect of the Great-Winged 11,667 2021-11-28T11:40:42.9008150Z
Essence of Aspect of the Long-Toothed 11,667 2021-11-28T14:50:38.0147480Z
Essence of Aspect of the Many-Limbed 8,333 2021-11-28T20:01:26.1144660Z
Essence of Aspect of the Savage Dream 13,000 2021-11-27T03:16:05.5270810Z

Finger Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Ring of the Hollow Tree 199,999 2021-12-01T19:08:13.8455010Z
Radiant Cold Metal 7,500 2021-11-28T18:40:08.7612910Z
Radiant Recursive Circle 15,555 2021-11-30T23:39:25.1056500Z
Radiant Ring of the Hollow Tree 175,000 2021-12-01T19:08:17.8475830Z
Radiant Cobra Ring 2,999 2021-11-29T15:36:33.8452000Z
Radiant Cold Metal 20,000 2021-11-29T15:36:28.6425890Z
Radiant Recursive Circle 4,999 2021-12-01T23:50:18.1304800Z
Radiant Skadi's Ring 2,900 2021-11-29T15:36:35.1488950Z

Fist Weapon

Name Marks Last Updated
Frost-Bound Fist Weapon of Energy Mk III 400,000 2021-12-02T03:50:49.1593470Z
Scalpel of Energy Mk III 35,000 2021-11-29T12:33:53.7509020Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Fey Ley Line Stone 2,500 2021-11-28T10:22:51.1084820Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Intricate Elusive Glyph 4,999 2021-12-01T19:21:20.2478350Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Fuming Despoiler of Havoc Mk III 17,500 2021-12-01T19:08:28.5209150Z
Fuming Despoiler of Warding Mk III 10,000 2021-12-01T19:08:35.6743520Z
Hell-Forged War Hammer of Alacrity Mk II 10,000 2021-11-27T22:20:22.9591190Z
Mangler of Alacrity Mk II 15,000 2021-11-30T23:39:42.3532170Z
Mangler of Restoration Mk III 10,000 2021-12-01T19:08:32.7193780Z
Pneumatic Maul of Alacrity Mk II 55,000 2021-11-30T23:39:38.0159030Z
Pneumatic Maul of Efficiency Mk II 35,000 2021-12-01T19:08:27.1830960Z
Pneumatic Maul of Recovery Mk II 11,111 2021-12-01T19:08:31.3043410Z
Pneumatic Maul of Restoration Mk II 35,000 2021-11-30T23:39:40.9029050Z
Torturer's Instrument of Alacrity Mk II 12,500 2021-12-01T19:08:29.8551220Z
Torturer's Instrument of Energy Mk II 10,000 2021-12-01T19:08:34.1578810Z
Torturer's Instrument of Havoc Mk III 17,900 2021-12-01T21:45:22.7474400Z

Head Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Ashes of Fate's Chosen 222,222 2021-12-01T19:08:16.5119210Z
Radiant Ashes of Shriven Souls 125,000 2021-11-30T23:39:22.1975370Z
Radiant The Strong Force 15,000 2021-12-01T19:08:21.8342270Z
Radiant Mark of the Starspawn 3,000 2021-12-01T20:43:49.1574090Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Elaborate Glyph Fragment 2,100 2021-11-29T12:33:43.3413760Z
Mk IV Weapon Fragment 3,000 2021-12-01T23:21:08.6755810Z
Resplendent Talisman Fragment 3,000 2021-12-01T23:20:30.8865100Z

Luck Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Anima-Infused Keepsake 210,210 2021-11-26T00:54:52.6899980Z
Radiant Cold Silver Dice 20,000 2021-11-28T18:40:03.7426810Z
Radiant Gambler's Soul 3,200 2021-12-01T23:22:45.3106360Z

Neck Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Lycanthropic Essence 350,000 2021-11-28T19:07:50.1371230Z

Occult Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Razor Fossil 100,000 2021-12-01T19:08:19.1651260Z
Radiant Rakshani Charm 2,499 2021-11-26T15:43:13.7218500Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Black Widow 22,500 2021-11-29T02:13:38.8672730Z
Buzz Bumblepup 49,999 2021-11-29T02:12:10.7537040Z
Herald of Carnage 20,000 2021-11-29T02:13:40.1853270Z
Infernal Guardian 249,999 2021-11-29T02:12:04.9944940Z
Mini Mecha 30,000 2021-11-29T02:12:12.0227000Z
Naraka 30,000 2021-11-29T02:12:13.3148790Z
Jade Mouser 7,999 2021-11-29T02:12:23.6359690Z
Preta 1,234 2021-12-01T19:21:25.1173320Z
Synthetic Pseudanthium 15,000 2021-11-29T02:12:19.7907290Z
Citrine Mouser 4,000 2021-11-29T02:12:35.1878360Z
Lapis Mouser 750 2021-11-29T02:13:06.2760910Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Calamitous Inspiration of Efficiency Mk II 10,000 2021-11-27T22:20:18.7734920Z
Calamitous Inspiration of Recovery Mk III 14,999 2021-11-29T12:33:57.6105140Z
Calamitous Inspiration of Restoration Mk III 14,999 2021-11-27T20:30:55.6104370Z
Twin-Linked Blasters of Alacrity Mk III 99,999 2021-11-27T20:30:34.9490560Z
Twin-Linked Blasters of Efficiency Mk II 50,000 2021-11-27T22:19:48.8941540Z
Twin-Linked Blasters of Energy Mk III 99,998 2021-11-27T20:30:37.2806690Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Bolstering Blaster of Destruction Mk II 35,555 2021-11-26T00:54:58.0370970Z
Double Barrel of Alacrity Mk II 15,000 2021-11-26T00:54:59.4384300Z
Double Barrel of Alacrity Mk III 55,555 2021-12-01T19:08:24.5021810Z
Double Barrel of Destruction Mk II 100,000 2021-12-01T19:08:23.1833210Z
Double Barrel of Restoration Mk II 12,000 2021-11-28T19:08:00.8860670Z
Double Barrel of Restoration Mk III 55,000 2021-11-29T12:33:47.2171320Z
Thundering Demise of Destruction Mk II 10,000 2021-11-28T19:08:02.2301940Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Signet of Agility 800 2021-11-29T02:37:10.4898910Z
Signet of Biological Metamorphosis 298 2021-11-29T16:19:16.5744150Z
Signet of Bladestorm 400 2021-11-29T16:18:38.1788420Z
Signet of Blood Rites 349 2021-11-29T16:18:44.6713590Z
Signet of Bloodletting 255 2021-11-29T16:19:19.1300890Z
Signet of Bludgeoning 500 2021-11-29T16:18:30.3522010Z
Signet of Burst Fire 210 2021-11-29T16:19:29.3581720Z
Signet of Capriciousness 500 2021-11-29T16:18:31.6263180Z
Signet of Cataclysms 200 2021-11-29T16:19:31.9126050Z
Signet of Condensed Anima 400 2021-11-29T16:18:40.7772000Z
Signet of Crushing 300 2021-11-29T16:19:15.2844400Z
Signet of Deadly Force 300 2021-11-29T16:19:06.2808810Z
Signet of Devastation 500 2021-11-29T16:18:32.9440300Z
Signet of Disequilibrium 250 2021-11-29T16:19:20.4188560Z
Signet of Echoes 400 2021-11-29T16:18:36.8832230Z
Signet of Empowerment 111 2021-11-29T16:20:01.2239470Z
Signet of Engagement 300 2021-11-29T16:19:08.8293520Z
Signet of Ferocity 300 2021-11-29T16:19:10.1323990Z
Signet of Fervour 300 2021-11-29T16:19:04.9952750Z
Signet of Matter Creation 300 2021-11-29T16:19:12.7217230Z
Signet of Mauling 263 2021-11-29T16:19:17.8577430Z
Signet of Overwhelming Power 222 2021-11-29T16:19:28.0728280Z
Signet of Quick Draw 250 2021-11-29T16:19:24.2537320Z
Signet of Quickness 9,500 2021-11-30T19:38:07.9859700Z
Signet of Rapid Response 250 2021-11-29T16:19:22.9756190Z
Signet of Resilience 400 2021-11-29T16:18:42.1151480Z
Signet of Riot Control 300 2021-11-29T16:19:11.4475840Z
Signet of Rituals 350 2021-11-30T01:48:13.6855970Z
Signet of Sadism 249 2021-11-29T16:19:25.5276590Z
Signet of Shattering 400 2021-11-29T16:18:43.3924700Z
Signet of Shoulder Tackle 300 2021-11-27T17:11:02.9637140Z
Signet of the Adept 400 2021-12-01T10:50:53.0212360Z
Signet of the Ascendant 200 2021-11-29T16:19:30.6413460Z
Signet of the Conflux 250 2021-11-29T16:19:21.7019690Z
Signet of the Gunslinger 450 2021-11-29T16:18:34.2423290Z
Signet of the Journeyman 250 2021-11-29T02:35:55.5656960Z
Signet of the Master 300 2021-11-29T16:18:45.9587390Z
Signet of the Neophyte 8,800 2021-11-28T19:08:36.4462860Z
Signet of the Outlaw 199 2021-11-29T16:19:33.2512320Z
Signet of the Paragon 300 2021-11-29T16:19:13.9952540Z
Signet of the Veteran 225 2021-11-29T16:19:26.7864900Z
Signet of Thorns 600 2021-11-29T16:18:26.9372790Z
Signet of Time and Space Alteration 749 2021-11-30T19:36:47.1789410Z
Signet of Transience 400 2021-11-29T16:18:39.4816540Z
Signet of Zeal 300 2021-11-29T16:19:07.5530860Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Arachnoid Cycle 49,999 2021-11-29T02:12:09.4262120Z
Turbojet Wing Pack 110,000 2021-11-29T02:12:06.8743160Z
Rocketeer's Pack 44,999 2021-11-29T02:12:14.6409430Z
Shocking Steps, Green 350,000 2021-11-29T02:12:27.4798020Z

Waist Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Grounding Line 10,000 2021-11-26T00:54:55.3397240Z

Wrist Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Accelerating Chronometer 5,555 2021-11-26T00:54:56.6520670Z
Radiant Timeless Watch 15,000 2021-11-30T23:39:26.5576500Z