Agent Dossier

Name Marks Last Updated
Agent Dossier: Amelia Bindings 10,000 2022-05-27T14:23:57.8928090Z
Agent Dossier: Brann Mac Diarmada 499 2022-05-27T22:50:02.1153150Z
Agent Dossier: Cveta Stojanovic 222,222 2022-05-28T06:14:21.5362550Z
Agent Dossier: Daniel Martinez 80,000 2022-05-23T23:01:29.2258440Z
Agent Dossier: Finn Mulligan 15,000 2022-05-26T14:04:34.1151090Z
Agent Dossier: Francis Rowan 777 2022-05-25T21:53:52.9829950Z
Agent Dossier: Giovanni Bellanova 100,000 2022-05-26T14:04:26.3045240Z
Agent Dossier: Lama Lhakpa 75,000 2022-05-26T14:04:31.9057180Z
Agent Dossier: Laughing Jenny 500 2022-05-27T14:11:24.4267690Z
Agent Dossier: Lee Chung 75,000 2022-05-26T14:04:30.7903000Z
Agent Dossier: Liam Callahan 99,999 2022-05-23T23:01:28.1295050Z
Agent Dossier: Margot Crowley-Mathers 235,000 2022-05-26T14:04:25.1517160Z
Agent Dossier: Martin Espina 65,000 2022-05-21T15:18:59.8727960Z
Agent Dossier: Nuala Magorian 250 2022-05-26T14:31:14.2549800Z
Agent Dossier: Pierre Delacroix 33,333 2022-05-23T23:01:31.4762500Z
Agent Dossier: Saenchai Khamsing 80,000 2022-05-26T14:04:29.6939770Z
Agent Dossier: Terry Laputo 74,000 2022-05-26T14:04:33.0208270Z
Agent Dossier: Thomas Grady 100,000 2022-05-26T14:04:28.5130840Z
Agent Dossier: Tiana Cardoza 6,500 2022-05-26T14:04:36.3472550Z
Agent Dossier: Warlawurru 100,000 2022-05-26T14:04:27.4099290Z

Agent Eqipment

Name Marks Last Updated
Crystal Ball 260,000 2022-05-21T15:18:55.4463810Z
Crystal Ball 4,500 2022-05-28T12:33:44.8621500Z
Military-grade Breaching Robot 4,800 2022-05-21T15:19:08.8304280Z
Occult Lexicon 5,000 2022-05-21T15:19:05.4372520Z
Specialised Weaponry 9,990 2022-05-26T14:06:15.4418310Z
Tactical Survey Drone 5,000 2022-05-26T14:06:17.5939910Z
Training Manual 50,000 2022-05-21T15:19:00.9527750Z
Utility Belt 4,500 2022-05-26T14:06:18.6895280Z
Crystal Ball 50 2022-05-26T14:06:06.7285320Z
Healing Drone 500 2022-05-26T14:06:02.3171810Z
Military-grade Breaching Robot 450 2022-05-27T14:54:43.1814690Z
Occult Lexicon 70 2022-05-26T14:06:03.4049940Z
Specialised Weaponry 50 2022-05-26T14:06:07.8284140Z
Tactical Survey Drone 50 2022-05-26T14:06:04.5190140Z
Utility Belt 50 2022-05-26T14:06:08.9109700Z
Crystal Ball 20 2022-05-26T14:06:34.2607810Z
Military-grade Breaching Robot 20 2022-05-26T14:06:31.5468550Z
Occult Lexicon 20 2022-05-26T14:06:38.2924720Z
Specialised Weaponry 20 2022-05-26T14:06:36.0024180Z
Tactical Survey Drone 396 2022-05-28T02:15:53.7612090Z
Training Manual 18,000 2022-05-26T14:06:12.2374580Z
Utility Belt 20 2022-05-26T14:06:29.3740580Z

Assault Rifle

Name Marks Last Updated
Hellfire Assault Launcher of Warding Mk II 10,000 2022-05-28T05:53:38.5827470Z
High-Yield Launcher of Efficiency Mk II 44,400 2022-05-28T05:53:05.6153640Z
Infernal Loader of Warding Mk II 10,000 2022-05-28T05:53:45.9737880Z
KSR-43 of Recovery Mk III 35,000 2022-05-22T20:25:56.0991900Z
MIRV Launcher of Destruction Mk III 12,999 2022-05-26T03:56:52.9233650Z
Whispered Desires of Energy Mk II 34,000 2022-05-28T05:53:06.8383380Z
Whispered Desires of Recovery Mk III 15,000 2022-05-21T16:54:00.3765130Z
Whispered Desires of Warding Mk III 10,000 2022-05-28T05:53:40.9715000Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Dark Precipice of Destruction Mk II 22,000 2022-05-26T03:29:01.3757170Z
Dark Precipice of Havoc Mk II 23,995 2022-05-26T03:29:00.0321840Z
Dark Precipice of Recovery Mk II 30,000 2022-05-28T05:52:55.6176740Z
Dark Precipice of Restoration Mk II 20,000 2022-05-26T03:29:02.7271710Z
Dark Precipice of Restoration Mk III 30,000 2022-05-25T00:11:30.8005840Z
Dark Precipice of Warding Mk II 35,000 2022-05-22T08:57:02.7618090Z
Mantric Blade of Havoc Mk II 34,000 2022-05-22T08:57:07.5032700Z
Rhythmic Blade of Energy Mk III 75,000 2022-05-28T05:52:53.1148250Z
Soviet Techsword of Recovery Mk III 10,000 2022-05-28T05:52:56.9343640Z

Blood Magic Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Tome of the Void of Recovery Mk III 99,000 2022-05-21T16:54:07.3181230Z
Anthology of Hemorrhages of Alacrity Mk III 10,000 2022-05-23T02:25:15.8993870Z
Anthology of Hemorrhages of Energy Mk III 15,000 2022-05-28T05:53:10.4552960Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Synergizing Blade Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 3,000 2022-05-24T13:22:01.6282100Z
Energizing Glyph Empowerment Catalyst 14,950 2022-05-27T07:47:59.7145720Z
Energizing Signet Empowerment Catalyst 15,000 2022-05-27T04:51:43.5744240Z
Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst 10,000 2022-05-27T04:51:44.8481860Z
Energizing Weapon Empowerment Catalyst 30,000 2022-05-27T04:51:41.1092890Z
Purifying Signet Empowerment Catalyst 500 2022-05-22T15:44:13.7849970Z
Purifying Talisman Empowerment Catalyst 400 2022-05-21T15:15:23.6038450Z
Synergizing Blade Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 1,400 2022-05-28T12:34:42.6741100Z
Synergizing Blood Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 850 2022-05-24T13:21:38.0265200Z
Synergizing Finger Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 3,333 2022-05-21T15:15:18.0478700Z
Synergizing Hammer Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 1,111 2022-05-26T14:04:21.8649990Z
Synergizing Head Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 5,000 2022-05-21T15:13:57.2390210Z
Synergizing Occult Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 3,400 2022-05-21T15:15:16.9528540Z
Synergizing Signet Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 20,000 2022-05-22T15:44:11.5969790Z
Synergizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 9,999 2022-05-21T15:15:13.6715700Z
Synergizing Wrist Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 6,000 2022-05-26T23:27:44.3766020Z
Synergizing Blade Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 99 2022-05-27T22:14:56.3159090Z
Synergizing Blood Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 199 2022-05-24T13:21:39.1227940Z
Synergizing Chaos Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 425 2022-05-25T21:52:50.3542590Z
Synergizing Finger Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 2,000 2022-05-21T15:15:21.3954660Z
Synergizing Hammer Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 198 2022-05-26T14:04:22.9493360Z
Synergizing Head Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 2,000 2022-05-21T15:13:58.3502780Z
Synergizing Neck Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 1,500 2022-05-21T15:15:22.5114680Z
Synergizing Occult Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 3,000 2022-05-21T15:15:19.1880010Z
Synergizing Signet Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 3,000 2022-05-21T18:31:50.4683690Z

Chaos Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Flame-Wreathed Chaos Focus of Restoration Mk III 159,999 2022-05-27T04:50:46.9574390Z
Dark Mysteries of Restoration Mk III 100,000 2022-05-23T09:53:27.5589350Z
Dark Mysteries of Warding Mk III 50,000 2022-05-27T04:51:03.0296360Z
Sov-Tech Paradox Generator of Restoration Mk II 15,000 2022-05-28T05:53:11.6900650Z
Warped Visage of Havoc Mk II 10,000 2022-05-28T05:53:47.2197600Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Agarthan Machinist - Outfit 99,999 2022-05-24T12:13:51.5461860Z
Oni Soldier Skin - Outfit 25,000 2022-05-28T05:39:13.5514000Z
Unbound Army combat jacket, filthy (Faction Coloured) 50,000 2022-05-22T18:52:36.0068240Z
Agarthan Machinist - Cuffed gloves, black 1,000 2022-05-28T05:39:38.8993960Z
Agarthan Machinist - Rugged boots, black 450 2022-05-23T22:10:12.3545140Z
Agarthan Machinist - Utility pants, brown 400 2022-05-23T22:10:14.4729210Z
Agarthan Machinist - Welding mask, black 400 2022-05-23T22:10:16.0232820Z
Agarthan Machinist - Work shirt with suspenders, white 1,000 2022-05-28T05:39:37.7627470Z
Araneae's Recluse - Arachnid mask, brown 999 2022-05-28T05:39:40.0392150Z
Araneae's Recluse - Buckled boots, brown and red 3,000 2022-05-28T05:39:27.4742410Z
Araneae's Recluse - Clawed gloves, brown and red 1,111 2022-05-28T05:39:35.4810690Z
Araneae's Recluse - Collared shirt with vest, white and red / Silk-stitched blouse, red and brown 5,000 2022-05-22T18:52:49.4637880Z
Araneae's Recluse - Stitched leather jacket, brown and red 8,799 2022-05-28T05:39:18.1627070Z
Araneae's Recluse - Stitched pants, brown and red 1,999 2022-05-28T05:39:32.0147490Z
Arctic Explorer - Fur-lined hood, blue 500 2022-05-23T22:10:10.5055540Z
Arctic Explorer - Fur-trimmed thermal shirt, blue 2,000 2022-05-22T18:52:51.6724850Z
Arctic Explorer - Fur-trimmed waterproof boots, blue 1,250 2022-05-24T12:14:12.5836060Z
Arctic Explorer - Insulated climber's pants, blue 1,999 2022-05-24T12:14:11.4757300Z
Arctic Explorer - Insulated gloves with analyser, blue 800 2022-05-24T12:14:14.8974960Z
Cyberpunk Threads - Asymmetrical gloves, black with blue 2,500 2022-05-24T12:14:10.0235800Z
Cyberpunk Threads - Plated chestguard, grey and blue 10,000 2022-05-24T12:14:01.6245230Z
Cyberpunk Threads - Reinforced mesh leggings, brown and blue 4,500 2022-05-24T12:14:05.0001750Z
Heart Pajamas, black 9,999 2022-05-22T18:52:43.7445290Z
Icy Claws 39,999 2022-05-24T12:13:52.6386740Z
Inferno's Regalia - Hellforged visage, black and orange 10,000 2022-05-24T12:14:00.5215240Z
Inferno's Regalia - Two tone leather pants, black and red 2,000 2022-05-22T18:52:53.9809020Z
Magnifying spectacles, gold 20,003 2022-05-28T05:39:14.6945270Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Plated leather pants, black 10,000 2022-05-24T12:14:02.7804660Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Ribbed gloves, black 3,000 2022-05-24T12:14:08.3098950Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Tusked tribal mask, black 15,000 2022-05-24T12:13:59.3572720Z
Oni Soldier Skin boots 899 2022-05-28T05:39:42.3569030Z
Oni Soldier Skin gloves 1,200 2022-05-28T05:39:34.3139640Z
Oni Soldier Skin vest 3,500 2022-05-28T05:39:26.2727720Z
Space suit, Illuminati filthy 50,000 2022-05-22T18:52:34.8811150Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Dark Agartha Arsenal 50 2022-05-23T03:35:17.2865920Z

Elementalism Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Channeler of Recovery Mk III 75,000 2022-05-21T16:54:08.4787840Z
Infernal Apparatus of Destruction Mk III 19,999 2022-05-23T02:25:12.1150370Z
Sanity Siphon of Recovery Mk III 15,000 2022-05-23T02:25:13.3825870Z
Sanity Siphon of Restoration Mk II 10,000 2022-05-28T05:53:42.2372190Z
Sanity Siphon of Restoration Mk III 45,000 2022-05-28T05:53:04.3911140Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Essence of Bunica Padurii 20 2022-05-25T00:11:28.1192100Z
Essence of The Abyssopelagic Horror 1,000 2022-05-22T14:52:30.0894840Z
Essence of Aspect of the Great-Winged 7,500 2022-05-28T05:45:47.4445110Z
Essence of Aspect of the Long-Toothed 8,000 2022-05-28T05:45:46.1832300Z
Essence of Aspect of the Many-Limbed 4,000 2022-05-28T03:23:28.5112820Z
Essence of Head of Glamr 800 2022-05-26T04:03:50.6194870Z
Essence of The Idolator 250 2022-05-27T14:10:38.0943450Z
Essence of Wreathmother 800 2022-05-26T04:03:48.2924570Z

Finger Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Recursive Circle 20,000 2022-05-28T05:09:07.4693690Z
Radiant Rurikid Knot 2,500 2022-05-28T05:09:09.7496840Z
Radiant Skadi's Ring 3,750 2022-05-28T05:09:08.6044710Z

Fist Weapon

Name Marks Last Updated
Fists-in-Chains of Restoration Mk III 100,000 2022-05-23T02:22:45.2818030Z
Recluse's Fangs of Warding Mk II 10,000 2022-05-28T05:53:43.4960510Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Intricate Accurate Glyph 15,000 2022-05-28T05:30:52.0332930Z
Intricate Devastating Glyph 15,000 2022-05-28T05:30:50.8817020Z
Intricate Fierce Glyph 74,000 2022-05-28T05:30:49.7401580Z
Intricate Stalwart Glyph 3,000 2022-05-28T05:30:55.4817840Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Mangler of Energy Mk III 26,000 2022-05-27T14:11:18.2649560Z
Pneumatic Maul of Energy Mk II 55,000 2022-05-28T05:53:01.9256990Z
Pneumatic Maul of Havoc Mk II 99,000 2022-05-28T05:52:51.8518170Z
Pneumatic Maul of Recovery Mk III 50,000 2022-05-25T00:11:29.4671940Z

Head Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Oni Blood 8,950 2022-05-21T19:23:35.2911980Z
Radiant Cosmic Pigment 5,000 2022-05-28T05:28:30.6601940Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Mk IV Weapon Imbuer 650,000 2022-05-28T04:08:19.6207680Z
Elaborate Glyph Imbuer 411,111 2022-05-28T04:08:20.8770470Z
Resplendent Talisman Imbuer 500,000 2022-05-24T18:20:18.1303160Z
Elaborate Glyph Fragment 1,515 2022-05-28T04:08:25.4803370Z
Mk IV Weapon Fragment 3,300 2022-05-28T04:08:32.9865550Z
Resplendent Talisman Fragment 2,000 2022-05-28T04:08:23.1896270Z

Luck Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Pocket Pair 20,000 2022-05-28T05:09:30.6780370Z
Radiant Cold Silver Dice 6,666 2022-05-23T23:43:53.5292530Z
Radiant Gambler's Soul 4,900 2022-05-28T05:09:34.1428120Z
Radiant Liberty Coins 3,750 2022-05-28T05:09:35.2934410Z
Radiant Pocket Pair 12,500 2022-05-28T05:09:32.9776460Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Condensed Anima Energy 1,100 2022-05-22T17:56:20.4638070Z
Filthy Tusk 20,000 2022-05-22T14:34:58.1934340Z

Occult Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant 1,000,000 Likes 7,500 2022-05-23T23:44:11.4063460Z
Radiant Ankh 5,000 2022-05-28T05:09:50.3804230Z
Radiant Rakshani Charm 5,000 2022-05-26T14:42:58.7475030Z
Radiant Razor Fossil 39,696 2022-05-28T05:06:44.4097080Z
Radiant Sigil of Ambition 3,000 2022-05-28T05:09:52.6635400Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Black Widow 27,500 2022-05-28T05:38:34.2593460Z
Gaian Sprig 28,000 2022-05-28T05:38:31.9867980Z
Tagati's Guard Dog 27,500 2022-05-28T05:38:33.1337160Z
Synthetic Pseudanthium 20,000 2022-05-28T05:38:36.5760540Z
Garnet Mouser 25,000 2022-05-28T05:38:35.4306150Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Calamitous Inspiration of Warding Mk III 99,999 2022-05-28T05:52:50.5860700Z
Fortune & Favour of Havoc Mk II 10,000 2022-05-28T05:53:44.7364860Z
Sov-Tech Harmonisers of Destruction Mk II 50,000 2022-05-28T05:53:03.1646820Z
Twin-Linked Blasters of Warding Mk III 10,000 2022-05-23T02:25:14.6460820Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Double Barrel of Alacrity Mk III 19,000 2022-05-28T05:53:09.2205980Z
Sov-Tech Demolisher of Warding Mk III 35,000 2022-05-23T02:25:08.4525340Z
Thundering Demise of Alacrity Mk III 95,000 2022-05-26T03:56:49.3121060Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Signet of Biological Metamorphosis 699 2022-05-28T02:28:15.3277000Z
Signet of Bladestorm 300 2022-05-28T02:28:51.1917030Z
Signet of Blood Rites 450 2022-05-28T02:28:21.6541980Z
Signet of Bloodletting 300 2022-05-28T02:28:43.8774350Z
Signet of Burst Fire 300 2022-05-28T02:28:52.4370890Z
Signet of Capriciousness 400 2022-05-28T02:28:29.2136130Z
Signet of Condensed Anima 263 2022-05-27T22:00:13.5912980Z
Signet of Contortion 2,000 2022-05-21T23:35:34.7517360Z
Signet of Cruel Delight 445 2022-05-28T02:28:22.9082110Z
Signet of Deadly Force 275 2022-05-25T22:02:33.4874640Z
Signet of Devastation 1,000 2022-05-28T02:28:06.5616980Z
Signet of Elements 350 2022-05-28T02:28:40.1193880Z
Signet of Empowerment 600 2022-05-28T02:28:16.6017670Z
Signet of Ferocity 333 2022-05-28T02:28:42.6422620Z
Signet of Fervour 300 2022-05-28T02:28:48.5179790Z
Signet of Laceration 9,990 2022-05-27T22:50:39.4622800Z
Signet of Matter Creation 1,000 2022-05-28T02:28:07.8079240Z
Signet of Mauling 800 2022-05-28T02:28:12.7653090Z
Signet of Nemain 55,555 2022-05-24T12:27:24.0960890Z
Signet of Overwhelming Power 750 2022-05-28T02:28:14.0612280Z
Signet of Quick Draw 395 2022-05-28T02:28:34.1918560Z
Signet of Quickness 1,234 2022-05-28T12:32:22.9671720Z
Signet of Rapid Response 999 2022-05-28T02:28:09.0498840Z
Signet of Resilience 400 2022-05-28T02:28:27.9318930Z
Signet of Riot Control 369 2022-05-28T02:28:38.8712340Z
Signet of Rituals 400 2022-05-28T02:28:31.6912410Z
Signet of Shattering 300 2022-05-28T02:28:49.9365730Z
Signet of Shoulder Tackle 500 2022-05-28T02:28:17.8985210Z
Signet of the Adept 500 2022-05-23T03:37:29.1055160Z
Signet of the Ascendant 900 2022-05-28T02:28:10.2841910Z
Signet of the Commando 500 2022-05-28T02:28:19.1422750Z
Signet of the Conflux 300 2022-05-28T02:28:53.6819300Z
Signet of the Gunslinger 399 2022-05-28T02:28:32.9167540Z
Signet of the Journeyman 5,000 2022-05-27T22:00:14.6843590Z
Signet of the Master 400 2022-05-28T02:28:26.7045580Z
Signet of the Neophyte 12,000 2022-05-23T03:37:25.6534880Z
Signet of the Outlaw 400 2022-05-28T02:28:25.4783640Z
Signet of the Paragon 300 2022-05-23T03:37:33.6813330Z
Signet of the Pupil 1,500 2022-05-28T02:28:05.2996010Z
Signet of the Veteran 400 2022-05-28T02:28:30.4484530Z
Signet of Thorns 800 2022-05-28T02:28:11.5319890Z
Signet of Time and Space Alteration 444 2022-05-28T02:28:24.2093950Z
Signet of Transience 499 2022-05-28T02:28:20.4047330Z
Signet of Zeal 349 2022-05-28T02:28:41.3514920Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Sprint: Gatekeeper's Touch 80,000 2022-05-27T16:47:48.5765320Z

Waist Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Khonsu's Disc 15,000 2022-05-28T05:20:13.7469960Z

Wrist Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Tactician's Guard 5,000 2022-05-28T05:09:24.9389670Z
Radiant Bracer of Forgotten Horrors 2,000 2022-05-23T23:43:42.5298280Z
Radiant Red Weed Timepiece 2,750 2022-05-28T05:09:26.0935990Z