Agent Dossier

Name Marks Last Updated
Agent Dossier: Aleksey Volkov 40,000 2022-10-02T03:07:01.4777010Z
Agent Dossier: Amelia Bindings 2,000 2022-10-02T03:07:17.0669490Z
Agent Dossier: Astrid Mikkelsen 85,000 2022-10-02T03:06:55.2739540Z
Agent Dossier: Brann Mac Diarmada 999 2022-10-02T03:45:09.1309700Z
Agent Dossier: Christina Del Rio 90,000 2022-10-02T03:06:52.7270240Z
Agent Dossier: Daniel Martinez 75,000 2022-10-02T03:06:58.9079800Z
Agent Dossier: Dax Reagan 39,500 2022-09-29T10:13:25.3159420Z
Agent Dossier: Fearghas Abernathy 5,000 2022-10-01T19:20:30.7707470Z
Agent Dossier: Finn Mulligan 200 2022-10-01T19:20:44.5656040Z
Agent Dossier: Francis Rowan 200 2022-10-01T19:20:45.8415800Z
Agent Dossier: Giovanni Bellanova 50,000 2022-09-28T00:00:43.1928650Z
Agent Dossier: Jayesh Suresh 30,000 2022-10-02T03:07:02.7456270Z
Agent Dossier: Lama Lhakpa 37,999 2022-10-01T00:17:26.9361400Z
Agent Dossier: Laughing Jenny 666 2022-10-02T03:07:19.5470470Z
Agent Dossier: Lee Chung 50,000 2022-10-01T00:17:23.6101660Z
Agent Dossier: Liam Callahan 40,000 2022-09-29T10:13:22.7040390Z
Agent Dossier: Margot Crowley-Mathers 75,000 2022-09-30T14:08:57.6092770Z
Agent Dossier: Martin Espina 80,000 2022-10-02T03:06:57.6675270Z
Agent Dossier: Maxwell Chandler 50,000 2022-10-02T03:07:00.2057670Z
Agent Dossier: Nuala Magorian 4,000 2022-10-02T03:07:13.1648950Z
Agent Dossier: Saenchai Khamsing 27,000 2022-10-02T03:07:05.3780120Z
Agent Dossier: Terry Laputo 90,000 2022-10-02T03:06:53.9743080Z
Agent Dossier: Thomas Grady 27,000 2022-10-02T03:07:04.1475150Z
Agent Dossier: Tiana Cardoza 5,000 2022-09-28T00:00:54.2903770Z
Agent Dossier: Wu Liang-Zhi 90,000 2022-10-02T03:06:51.4774770Z

Agent Eqipment

Name Marks Last Updated
Crystal Ball 229,000 2022-09-30T14:08:50.0843590Z
Occult Lexicon 165,000 2022-09-30T14:08:51.3360690Z
Tactical Survey Drone 135,000 2022-09-25T22:46:09.5665750Z
Crystal Ball 6,666 2022-10-02T03:07:09.0657310Z
Military-grade Breaching Robot 6,666 2022-10-02T03:07:10.5809370Z
Occult Lexicon 4,500 2022-10-02T03:07:11.8617500Z
Specialised Weaponry 6,666 2022-10-02T03:07:07.7779960Z
Tactical Survey Drone 3,500 2022-10-02T03:07:14.6578850Z
Training Manual 40,000 2022-10-01T19:20:20.8373400Z
Utility Belt 4,000 2022-10-01T19:20:32.0172190Z
Crystal Ball 99 2022-10-02T03:07:23.5636110Z
Healing Drone 199 2022-09-27T06:38:28.8786780Z
Military-grade Breaching Robot 555 2022-10-02T03:07:20.8230030Z
Specialised Weaponry 400 2022-10-02T03:07:22.1347630Z
Tactical Survey Drone 70 2022-10-01T19:20:48.3481640Z
Training Manual 9,500 2022-09-30T14:09:08.8986170Z
Utility Belt 50 2022-09-30T14:09:29.8541670Z
Crystal Ball 25 2022-09-30T14:09:32.3127260Z
Military-grade Breaching Robot 20 2022-09-28T00:01:08.2426540Z
Specialised Weaponry 25 2022-09-30T14:09:31.1040740Z
Tactical Survey Drone 20 2022-10-02T03:07:24.8521370Z
Training Manual 777 2022-09-30T14:09:20.2259290Z
Utility Belt 22 2022-09-30T14:09:36.9801560Z

Assault Rifle

Name Marks Last Updated
Frost-Bound Rifle of Warding Mk III 300,000 2022-09-27T19:55:14.6155630Z
Rifle of Sworn Revenge of Warding Mk III 185,000 2022-09-25T22:44:32.7083400Z
Third Age Equalizer of Efficiency Mk III 400,000 2022-09-25T22:44:31.4129940Z
Third Age Equalizer of Warding Mk III 200,000 2022-09-27T17:36:58.8203570Z
AEL-550 of Restoration Mk III 15,000 2022-09-27T06:39:02.2070650Z
Hellfire Assault Launcher of Efficiency Mk II 25,000 2022-09-29T04:21:26.8866110Z
High-Yield Launcher of Alacrity Mk II 15,000 2022-10-01T18:39:38.4041880Z
High-Yield Launcher of Destruction Mk II 175,000 2022-09-26T22:15:05.4881130Z
High-Yield Launcher of Energy Mk II 35,000 2022-09-30T14:11:20.1448240Z
High-Yield Launcher of Havoc Mk II 140,000 2022-09-28T03:08:44.0134210Z
High-Yield Launcher of Recovery Mk II 50,000 2022-09-26T13:23:22.3433170Z
High-Yield Launcher of Recovery Mk III 55,000 2022-09-30T15:08:15.9402250Z
High-Yield Launcher of Restoration Mk II 10,000 2022-10-01T18:39:48.1677680Z
Orochi Tactical Carbine of Recovery Mk II 12,499 2022-09-26T13:24:00.0153120Z
Whispered Desires of Efficiency Mk II 10,000 2022-10-02T02:26:19.2924800Z
Whispered Desires of Energy Mk II 12,000 2022-09-25T22:48:03.2794560Z
Whispered Desires of Recovery Mk II 10,000 2022-10-02T02:26:18.0527500Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Blade of Bloodied Silks of Alacrity Mk III 110,000 2022-09-26T22:17:04.9996360Z
Dark Precipice of Destruction Mk II 15,000 2022-10-02T02:26:09.4896470Z
Dark Precipice of Efficiency Mk II 15,000 2022-09-28T03:09:14.4749510Z
Dark Precipice of Efficiency Mk III 25,000 2022-09-26T22:16:06.3240010Z
Dark Precipice of Havoc Mk II 16,000 2022-10-01T18:39:37.1580760Z
Dark Precipice of Restoration Mk II 19,000 2022-09-30T15:08:18.2893630Z
Dark Precipice of Restoration Mk III 50,000 2022-09-28T22:17:44.8261190Z
Mantric Blade of Energy Mk III 40,000 2022-09-28T22:17:46.2236120Z
Razor's Edge of Energy Mk II 25,000 2022-09-28T11:50:42.2572670Z

Blood Magic Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Tome of Efficiency Mk III 100,000 2022-10-02T00:08:53.7254840Z
Compendium of Wards of Recovery Mk II 50,000 2022-09-26T22:15:52.3130990Z
Sanguinary Monograph of Havoc Mk III 195,000 2022-09-26T02:53:56.0200250Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Synergizing Chaos Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 7,777 2022-09-25T18:43:22.2723380Z
Energizing Glyph Empowerment Catalyst 28,000 2022-10-02T03:07:39.8320020Z
Energizing Signet Empowerment Catalyst 20,000 2022-10-01T17:32:13.4515410Z
Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst 14,321 2022-10-02T03:07:41.1687480Z
Energizing Weapon Empowerment Catalyst 40,000 2022-10-02T03:07:38.5257980Z
Synergizing Blood Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 333 2022-09-30T04:15:49.6198940Z
Synergizing Elemental Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 8,888 2022-09-28T19:37:36.1366660Z
Synergizing Fist Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 250 2022-09-30T04:16:11.6783730Z
Synergizing Neck Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 8,500 2022-10-01T11:46:35.2514920Z
Synergizing Blood Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 300 2022-09-30T04:16:06.5326130Z
Synergizing Chaos Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 399 2022-09-30T04:15:43.1109410Z
Synergizing Elemental Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 1,000 2022-09-28T19:38:02.8736640Z

Chaos Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Chancer of Warding Mk III 100,000 2022-09-28T23:32:00.6785410Z
Dark Mysteries of Alacrity Mk II 15,000 2022-09-28T22:18:33.0422220Z
Dark Mysteries of Destruction Mk II 12,000 2022-09-30T15:08:27.6015480Z
Dark Mysteries of Efficiency Mk II 25,000 2022-10-02T02:25:57.7814690Z
Dark Mysteries of Havoc Mk II 15,000 2022-10-02T02:25:59.1093610Z
Mayhem of Havoc Mk III 45,000 2022-09-28T11:50:34.5351240Z
Sanity's Aphelion of Destruction Mk II 12,500 2022-09-26T02:54:40.6569390Z
Warped Visage of Alacrity Mk II 12,000 2022-09-28T03:09:22.6577440Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Agarthan Bounty Hunter shades, white 5,500 2022-10-02T03:44:14.2812360Z
Inferno's Regalia - Outfit 75,000 2022-10-02T03:43:59.3120580Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Outfit 15,000 2022-10-02T03:44:07.9949730Z
Agarthan Machinist - Cuffed gloves, black 2,649 2022-10-02T03:44:22.8977910Z
Araneae's Recluse - Arachnid mask, brown 5,000 2022-10-02T03:44:19.1517370Z
Araneae's Recluse - Buckled boots, brown and red 4,500 2022-10-02T03:44:21.6445410Z
Araneae's Recluse - Stitched pants, brown and red 5,000 2022-10-02T03:44:15.5338540Z
Arctic Explorer - Fur-lined hood, blue 2,000 2022-10-02T03:44:28.1738760Z
Arctic Explorer - Fur-trimmed waterproof boots, blue 5,000 2022-10-02T03:44:17.9140880Z
Arctic Explorer - Insulated gloves with analyser, blue 2,000 2022-10-02T03:44:25.5620050Z
Cyberpunk Threads - Powered boots, grey and blue 7,500 2022-10-02T03:44:11.7281780Z
Cyberpunk Threads - Tactical glasses, orange and blue 7,500 2022-10-02T03:44:10.4775410Z
Neo-Tribal Warrior - Plated metal shoes, black 2,500 2022-10-02T03:44:24.2379330Z
Oni Soldier Bone helmet 300 2022-10-02T03:44:38.8424900Z
Oni Soldier Skin boots 100 2022-10-02T03:44:41.5392760Z
Oni Soldier Skin gloves 200 2022-10-02T03:44:40.2167020Z
Oni Soldier Skin pants 1,000 2022-10-02T03:44:34.9115880Z
Oni Soldier Skin vest 315 2022-10-02T03:44:37.5149830Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Shipping container key A 6,999 2022-10-02T02:26:28.0675840Z
Shipping container key B 1,500 2022-10-02T03:42:42.9565650Z
Anniversary Cache 82 2022-10-02T03:42:45.4300830Z
Dark Agartha Arsenal 30 2022-10-02T03:42:41.7088690Z
Future-Tech Cache 7,000 2022-10-02T03:42:39.3230330Z
Haunted Cache 1,111 2022-10-02T03:42:38.0743370Z
Infernal Cache 4,500 2022-09-26T14:57:29.5379580Z
Oni War Cache 20 2022-10-02T03:42:47.8039200Z
Shipping container key C 500 2022-10-02T03:42:44.1985950Z
Tribal Cache 1,111 2022-10-02T03:06:50.2007200Z
Winter Cache 4,000 2022-10-02T03:42:34.5208070Z
Pile of Snowballs 4 2022-10-02T03:42:49.0452090Z

Elementalism Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Channeler of Destruction Mk III 200,000 2022-09-28T03:08:41.3793370Z
Witch Doctor's Elementalism Focus of Energy Mk III 240,000 2022-09-28T22:18:04.6690550Z
Infernal Apparatus of Efficiency Mk II 10,000 2022-09-26T13:24:02.5255860Z
Infernal Apparatus of Havoc Mk II 25,000 2022-10-02T02:25:44.7566190Z
Sanity Siphon of Alacrity Mk II 10,000 2022-10-01T18:39:51.9137500Z
Sanity Siphon of Efficiency Mk III 20,000 2022-10-01T11:01:41.1001710Z
Totemic Hell Lord of Efficiency Mk II 10,000 2022-09-30T15:08:42.7950120Z
Totemic Hell Lord of Efficiency Mk III 25,000 2022-10-02T02:25:45.9866670Z
Totemic Hell Lord of Havoc Mk II 15,000 2022-10-02T02:25:47.2278240Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Essence of Bunica Padurii 200 2022-10-01T17:58:11.5537380Z
Essence of Kenememti the Fear Eater 3,999 2022-09-27T19:23:24.8963300Z
Essence of The Abyssopelagic Horror 4,990 2022-10-02T03:07:28.5026660Z
Essence of the Hitodama Confluence 4,900 2022-10-02T03:07:29.7548970Z
Essence of Aspect of the Great-Winged 9,500 2022-09-30T14:11:33.6155710Z
Essence of Aspect of the Long-Toothed 9,500 2022-10-01T11:36:28.8526040Z
Essence of Aspect of the Many-Limbed 7,999 2022-10-02T03:07:57.7863680Z
Essence of Aspect of the Savage Dream 7,500 2022-09-26T16:43:20.9907600Z
Essence of Ferrous Dueller 999 2022-10-02T03:07:30.9998250Z
Essence of Polluted Effigy 999 2022-10-02T03:07:32.2523270Z
Essence of Shadow of Depravity 1,000 2022-09-27T19:23:28.8675150Z
Essence of The Plague 1,000 2022-10-01T11:03:23.1670490Z

Finger Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Ring of the Hollow Tree 225,000 2022-09-27T18:04:23.2053050Z
Radiant Skadi's Ring 9,500 2022-09-27T18:04:25.7065930Z

Fist Weapon

Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Eviscerators of Havoc Mk III 200,000 2022-10-02T02:25:19.9081000Z
Third Age Eviscerators of Warding Mk III 39,999 2022-10-02T02:25:22.3002180Z
Infernal Manglers of Destruction Mk II 25,000 2022-09-28T11:50:38.3757780Z
Infernal Manglers of Havoc Mk II 12,000 2022-10-02T02:25:25.0888470Z
Infernal Manglers of Recovery Mk II 13,000 2022-10-02T02:25:23.5505090Z
Recluse's Fangs of Recovery Mk II 15,000 2022-10-01T18:39:40.8630970Z
Recluse's Fangs of Recovery Mk III 25,000 2022-09-30T15:08:47.4984490Z
Recluse's Fangs of Warding Mk II 10,000 2022-10-02T02:25:27.5807440Z
Surgical Steel of Havoc Mk II 25,000 2022-09-26T22:16:12.4955960Z
Surgical Steel of Warding Mk II 12,000 2022-10-02T02:25:26.3569660Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Ausadhirdipyamanas Seeds 1,000 2022-10-02T02:26:35.6147030Z
Fey Ley Line Stone 2,500 2022-10-02T02:26:33.0229190Z
Manticore X27 Agitator 10,000 2022-10-02T02:26:26.7647000Z
Rapid Assistance Accessory 4,000 2022-10-02T02:26:30.6108840Z
True Ancile of the Salii 2,000 2022-10-02T02:26:34.3194950Z
Vali Synthetic Stimulants 5,555 2022-10-02T02:26:29.3659240Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Intricate Elusive Glyph 4,500 2022-10-01T17:36:16.4125490Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Hammer of the Red Road of Efficiency Mk III 300,000 2022-10-02T00:08:52.4386760Z
Third Age Maul of Recovery Mk III 100,000 2022-10-02T02:24:57.9976600Z
Mangler of Efficiency Mk III 50,000 2022-09-30T14:08:06.6834630Z
Mangler of Havoc Mk II 25,000 2022-09-29T04:23:24.0343730Z
Pneumatic Maul of Alacrity Mk II 60,000 2022-10-02T02:25:00.3846980Z
Torturer's Instrument of Alacrity Mk II 20,000 2022-09-29T04:23:25.3407190Z
Torturer's Instrument of Destruction Mk II 17,000 2022-09-28T16:10:32.8326240Z
Torturer's Instrument of Efficiency Mk II 25,000 2022-09-27T06:38:45.5987080Z
Torturer's Instrument of Havoc Mk II 10,000 2022-10-02T02:25:03.3117820Z
Torturer's Instrument of Havoc Mk III 15,000 2022-09-30T14:08:07.9142980Z

Head Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Ashes of Fate's Chosen 500,000 2022-09-28T16:32:32.3528430Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Elaborate Glyph Imbuer 450,000 2022-09-27T17:37:57.9635960Z
Elaborate Glyph Fragment 1,800 2022-10-02T03:07:33.5119040Z
Mk IV Weapon Fragment 2,429 2022-10-02T03:07:34.8583950Z
Resplendent Talisman Fragment 1,807 2022-10-02T03:07:36.1401350Z

Luck Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Anima-Infused Keepsake 208,999 2022-09-26T19:42:56.5971750Z
Radiant Laundry Tokens 10,000 2022-09-26T19:43:00.4118380Z
Radiant Obsidian Flakes 4,900 2022-09-26T19:43:05.4207500Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Rusted Fireaxe 5,000 2022-10-02T03:40:44.0583190Z
Ursine Rib 2,500 2022-10-02T03:40:46.6660510Z

Neck Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Egon Pendant 80,000 2022-09-25T18:57:07.4429340Z
Radiant Fishbone Medallion 2,000 2022-09-25T18:57:13.5207620Z
Radiant Seed of Aggression 4,600 2022-09-25T18:57:09.9430150Z

Occult Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Razor Fossil 65,000 2022-10-01T13:04:26.2396420Z
Radiant Razor Fossil 15,000 2022-10-01T16:05:47.6179600Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Arctic Survey Drone 20,000 2022-10-02T03:44:03.0960700Z
Gaian Sprig 30,000 2022-10-02T03:44:01.8145680Z
Herald of Carnage 7,000 2022-10-02T03:44:12.9662210Z
Naraka 19,950 2022-10-02T03:44:04.3370140Z
Akasha 4,950 2022-10-02T03:44:20.3787300Z
Pink Valentine Bear 15,000 2022-10-02T03:44:05.5908390Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Burners of Efficiency Mk III 400,000 2022-09-29T17:08:20.2262860Z
Calamitous Inspiration of Energy Mk II 10,000 2022-09-26T22:16:31.4392610Z
Heavy Caliber Pistols of Warding Mk II 50,000 2022-10-02T02:24:55.6628600Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Persuader of Energy Mk III 79,950 2022-09-29T04:23:11.0135830Z
Third Age Persuader of Warding Mk III 135,555 2022-09-28T03:08:45.3045840Z
Flame-Charged Blaster of Warding Mk II 25,000 2022-09-28T11:50:40.9510350Z
Ifritian Despoiler of Havoc Mk III 29,999 2022-10-01T18:39:33.4560230Z
Prototype-M402 of Recovery Mk II 20,000 2022-09-26T22:16:19.1351510Z
Thundering Demise of Energy Mk II 10,000 2022-09-28T11:50:55.1830500Z
Thundering Demise of Havoc Mk III 100,000 2022-09-27T06:38:39.0964950Z
Thundering Demise of Restoration Mk III 150,000 2022-09-28T03:08:42.7214300Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Signet of Agility 285 2022-09-30T04:16:09.0985700Z
Signet of Amelioration 300 2022-09-30T04:15:54.7946640Z
Signet of Biological Metamorphosis 200 2022-09-30T04:16:54.6826900Z
Signet of Bladestorm 300 2022-09-30T04:15:57.3697900Z
Signet of Blood Rites 350 2022-09-30T04:15:47.0080230Z
Signet of Bloodletting 300 2022-09-30T04:15:58.6701100Z
Signet of Cataclysms 250 2022-10-01T13:21:50.0146950Z
Signet of Condensed Anima 450 2022-10-01T13:02:29.0075330Z
Signet of Cruel Delight 300 2022-09-30T04:15:53.5137820Z
Signet of Crushing 1,999 2022-09-28T04:02:40.7922440Z
Signet of Deadly Force 399 2022-09-30T04:15:44.4111320Z
Signet of Devastation 1,000 2022-09-25T18:42:32.3293820Z
Signet of Disequilibrium 345 2022-09-30T04:15:48.3402050Z
Signet of Echoes 300 2022-09-30T04:15:56.0645840Z
Signet of Elements 750 2022-09-28T19:38:08.0867290Z
Signet of Engagement 300 2022-09-30T04:16:03.9285150Z
Signet of Ferocity 300 2022-09-30T04:16:05.2462450Z
Signet of Intensity 300 2022-09-30T04:16:02.6390160Z
Signet of Mauling 500 2022-10-01T13:21:54.3667960Z
Signet of Overwhelming Power 275 2022-09-30T04:16:10.3921930Z
Signet of Quick Draw 290 2022-09-30T04:16:07.8086610Z
Signet of Quickness 4,245 2022-09-30T00:05:09.5481880Z
Signet of Rapid Response 450 2022-09-30T04:15:35.1549400Z
Signet of Resilience 450 2022-09-30T04:15:36.4870550Z
Signet of Riot Control 250 2022-09-30T04:16:12.9842820Z
Signet of Rituals 100 2022-10-01T13:25:51.6234030Z
Signet of the Adept 456 2022-09-30T05:11:33.4582730Z
Signet of the Conflux 100 2022-10-01T13:32:23.1761230Z
Signet of the Gunslinger 400 2022-10-01T13:48:32.9277110Z
Signet of the Master 350 2022-09-30T04:15:45.7020220Z
Signet of the Paragon 3,500 2022-10-01T13:26:06.9263910Z
Signet of the Pupil 300 2022-09-30T04:16:01.3429960Z
Signet of Thirst 300 2022-09-30T04:15:52.2228000Z
Signet of Waxing Delirium 400 2022-09-30T04:15:41.8030700Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Agarthan Wings 200,000 2022-10-02T03:43:58.0789690Z
Diabolic Warhorse 250,000 2022-10-02T03:43:55.6113180Z
Oni War Hawg 40,000 2022-10-02T03:44:00.5813510Z

Wrist Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Timeless Watch 10,000 2022-09-27T18:23:44.6700490Z