Agent Dossier

Name Marks Last Updated
Special Agent Dossier: Amelia Bindings 190,000 2022-08-07T18:56:51.3354850Z
Agent Dossier: Aleksey Volkov 45,000 2022-08-08T21:29:02.8502220Z
Agent Dossier: Amelia Bindings 444 2022-08-08T21:29:06.1239570Z
Agent Dossier: Brann Mac Diarmada 200 2022-08-08T21:29:09.4553220Z
Agent Dossier: Daniel Martinez 60,000 2022-08-08T21:29:01.7445180Z
Agent Dossier: Finn Mulligan 333 2022-08-08T21:29:07.2689480Z
Agent Dossier: Francis Rowan 300 2022-08-08T21:29:08.3559850Z
Agent Dossier: Giovanni Bellanova 40,000 2022-08-07T00:32:51.5906900Z
Agent Dossier: Jayesh Suresh 70,000 2022-08-07T00:32:49.1032820Z
Agent Dossier: Lama Lhakpa 2,000 2022-08-08T21:29:05.0297130Z
Agent Dossier: Laughing Jenny 199 2022-08-08T21:29:10.5788120Z
Agent Dossier: Lee Chung 40,000 2022-08-08T21:29:03.9325640Z
Agent Dossier: Liam Callahan 36,000 2022-08-07T00:32:53.9496050Z
Agent Dossier: Martin Espina 79,999 2022-08-08T21:29:00.6542560Z
Agent Dossier: Nuala Magorian 190 2022-08-08T21:29:11.6653160Z
Agent Dossier: Pierre Delacroix 80,000 2022-08-07T00:32:46.6240480Z
Agent Dossier: Thomas Grady 80,000 2022-08-08T21:28:59.5762680Z
Agent Dossier: Wu Liang-Zhi 80,000 2022-08-08T21:28:58.4690350Z

Agent Eqipment

Name Marks Last Updated
Tactical Survey Drone 100,000 2022-08-07T00:32:45.4005540Z
Training Manual 235,000 2022-08-06T12:25:14.9813860Z
Utility Belt 200,000 2022-08-07T00:32:42.9182960Z
Agent Uplink 20,000 2022-08-07T00:32:58.7869670Z
Specialised Weaponry 6,666 2022-08-04T12:04:44.7022130Z
Utility Belt 6,666 2022-08-08T20:42:05.2340650Z
Specialised Weaponry 20 2022-08-04T12:04:48.5548040Z

Assault Rifle

Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Equalizer of Warding Mk III 75,000 2022-08-04T11:41:50.6022830Z
Whispered Desires of Warding Mk II 10,000 2022-08-08T07:59:31.4670350Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Third Age Brand of Destruction Mk III 100,000 2022-08-10T00:19:17.4761790Z

Blood Magic Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Frost-Bound Blood Magic Focus of Destruction Mk III 150,000 2022-08-10T00:19:14.8073200Z
Third Age Tome of Destruction Mk III 100,000 2022-08-10T00:19:16.1188020Z
Third Age Tome of Energy Mk III 80,000 2022-08-10T00:19:18.7477800Z
Third Age Tome of Havoc Mk III 250,000 2022-08-04T11:41:43.9372810Z
Third Age Tome of Warding Mk III 60,000 2022-08-04T11:41:53.0832900Z
Tome of the Void of Havoc Mk III 600,000 2022-08-10T00:19:10.7929100Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Synergizing Blood Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 4,000 2022-08-07T13:56:04.4863620Z
Synergizing Elemental Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 5,000 2022-08-09T12:12:35.7571300Z
Synergizing Fist Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 5,000 2022-08-09T12:12:32.4834160Z
Synergizing Pistols Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 2,000 2022-08-09T12:12:40.2017730Z
Synergizing Rifle Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 11,000 2022-08-09T12:12:20.4604870Z
Synergizing Shotgun Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 9,999 2022-08-09T12:12:28.1148360Z
Synergizing Waist Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+50%) 7,500 2022-08-09T19:58:06.2452280Z
Energizing Glyph Empowerment Catalyst 15,555 2022-08-10T23:08:46.0686510Z
Energizing Signet Empowerment Catalyst 18,888 2022-08-09T12:12:18.1474040Z
Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst 45,000 2022-08-09T12:12:15.4330340Z
Purifying Glyph Empowerment Catalyst 2,000 2022-08-09T12:12:39.1035750Z
Purifying Signet Empowerment Catalyst 966 2022-08-09T12:12:47.9424800Z
Purifying Talisman Empowerment Catalyst 1,000 2022-08-09T12:12:45.7707560Z
Synergizing Blood Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 1,500 2022-08-09T12:12:43.5901890Z
Synergizing Chaos Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 4,500 2022-08-07T13:56:03.3891140Z
Synergizing Elemental Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 1,999 2022-08-09T12:12:42.3886550Z
Synergizing Fist Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 600 2022-08-09T12:12:49.0166700Z
Synergizing Hammer Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 1,000 2022-08-09T12:12:44.6891240Z
Synergizing Head Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 4,500 2022-08-11T00:46:21.2863140Z
Synergizing Luck Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 7,000 2022-08-09T12:12:30.2880990Z
Synergizing Neck Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 5,000 2022-08-07T13:55:53.5962240Z
Synergizing Occult Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 9,000 2022-08-06T18:51:07.5826530Z
Synergizing Pistols Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 1,000 2022-08-04T20:16:35.9424130Z
Synergizing Rifle Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 10,500 2022-08-09T12:12:21.5541840Z
Synergizing Shotgun Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 15,000 2022-08-09T12:12:19.3288720Z
Synergizing Signet Empowerment Catalyst (+40%) 7,495 2022-08-09T12:12:29.1961390Z
Synergizing Blade Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 2,000 2022-08-09T12:12:41.2997850Z
Synergizing Blood Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 500 2022-08-09T12:12:50.1782610Z
Synergizing Chaos Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 10,000 2022-08-09T12:12:27.0267170Z
Synergizing Elemental Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 1,000 2022-08-09T12:12:46.8495260Z
Synergizing Finger Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 3,000 2022-08-06T18:51:12.3764000Z
Synergizing Fist Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 299 2022-08-09T12:12:52.3818960Z
Synergizing Hammer Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 295 2022-08-09T12:12:53.4926360Z
Synergizing Luck Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 6,500 2022-08-09T12:12:31.4008110Z
Synergizing Neck Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 3,800 2022-08-09T12:12:37.9801050Z
Synergizing Occult Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 3,999 2022-08-07T13:56:00.1296480Z
Synergizing Pistols Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 100 2022-08-07T13:56:17.6984020Z
Synergizing Rifle Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 10,000 2022-08-09T12:12:22.6712830Z
Synergizing Shotgun Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 8,000 2022-08-07T13:55:50.2848830Z
Synergizing Signet Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 4,000 2022-08-09T12:12:36.8676670Z
Synergizing Wrist Talisman Empowerment Catalyst (+30%) 5,000 2022-08-09T12:12:33.5641210Z

Chaos Focus

Name Marks Last Updated
Dark Mysteries of Havoc Mk II 19,999 2022-08-08T07:59:18.5314570Z
Dark Mysteries of Recovery Mk II 50,000 2022-08-08T07:57:49.1672550Z
Mayhem of Energy Mk II 30,000 2022-08-08T07:59:13.3633660Z
Sanity's Aphelion of Destruction Mk II 15,000 2022-08-08T07:59:21.1077360Z
Sanity's Aphelion of Efficiency Mk II 25,000 2022-08-08T07:59:14.6492730Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Anniversary Cache 50 2022-08-04T20:18:49.5662400Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Essence of Aspect of the Great-Winged 8,888 2022-08-10T00:12:16.2377650Z
Essence of Aspect of the Long-Toothed 24,000 2022-08-10T11:28:06.6317480Z
Essence of Aspect of the Many-Limbed 5,000 2022-08-10T00:12:17.4640850Z
Essence of Aspect of the Savage Dream 9,500 2022-08-10T00:12:14.8046730Z

Finger Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Recursive Circle 5,000 2022-08-07T18:06:11.0397610Z
Radiant Skadi's Ring 4,000 2022-08-07T18:06:12.2318040Z

Fist Weapon

Name Marks Last Updated
Anima-Touched Fist Weapon of Warding Mk III 75,000 2022-08-04T11:41:51.8229700Z
Infernal Manglers of Recovery Mk II 30,000 2022-08-09T13:47:59.9010790Z
Infernal Manglers of Warding Mk II 50,000 2022-08-09T13:47:58.2122740Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Compact Catastrophe Shelter 38,500 2022-08-06T20:43:21.4087910Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Intricate Accurate Glyph 17,000 2022-08-05T12:40:00.8290840Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Hammer of the Red Road of Restoration Mk III 253,000 2022-08-10T00:19:13.4052270Z

Head Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Ashes of Crushed Cities 20,000 2022-08-06T07:28:56.3907260Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Mk IV Weapon Imbuer 650,000 2022-08-09T18:25:11.8169350Z
Elaborate Glyph Fragment 1,440 2022-08-10T22:26:50.5937410Z
Mk IV Weapon Fragment 2,500 2022-08-10T22:19:46.7027620Z
Resplendent Talisman Fragment 2,500 2022-08-10T22:26:32.0692040Z

Occult Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Whalebone Rune 40,000 2022-08-04T20:47:52.8824630Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Frost-Bound Pistols of Energy Mk III 160,000 2022-08-04T11:41:48.0882230Z
Pistols of Caged Birds of Havoc Mk III 350,000 2022-08-10T00:19:12.1174660Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Thundering Demise of Havoc Mk II 12,000 2022-08-09T14:07:16.3362170Z


Name Marks Last Updated
Signet of Blood Rites 300 2022-08-07T13:16:43.2541250Z
Signet of Condensed Anima 800 2022-08-04T20:16:56.2452470Z
Signet of Cruel Delight 300 2022-08-10T22:19:28.7278280Z
Signet of Crushing 649 2022-08-09T23:21:28.2666370Z
Signet of Devastation 370 2022-08-06T20:12:44.1858690Z
Signet of Empowerment 300 2022-08-09T12:12:51.2844940Z
Signet of Engagement 299 2022-08-09T13:15:59.3531240Z
Signet of Fervour 999 2022-08-05T15:50:45.4563040Z
Signet of Matter Creation 400 2022-08-06T17:39:21.8026570Z
Signet of Mauling 999 2022-08-07T19:57:25.0328760Z
Signet of Overwhelming Power 300 2022-08-08T21:27:57.6689240Z
Signet of Quickness 4,900 2022-08-10T22:19:35.1000250Z
Signet of Rituals 300 2022-08-07T20:15:18.8651900Z
Signet of Shattering 300 2022-08-09T23:08:07.8427470Z
Signet of the Conflux 799 2022-08-05T12:39:20.7431980Z
Signet of the Veteran 456 2022-08-09T00:15:45.2008300Z

Waist Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Incandescent Capacitor 5,000 2022-08-09T18:25:45.0037930Z

Wrist Talisman

Name Marks Last Updated
Radiant Bone Timepiece 4,750 2022-08-08T22:35:20.6103820Z